How We Help Our Clients

Brindley Engineering Corporation (BEC) strives for excellence in bringing our numerous clients the best possible service. BEC helps our clients to decide what to rebuild, how to build it cost effectively and fast, and how to enhance existing infrastructure. ┬áBEC has built a solid reputation for consistently and safely delivering contracts on time, on budget and to exacting standards. We fully understand that our success … Continue reading How We Help Our Clients

Reasons to Implement and Maintain an Assessment Program

Business Justification: Compliance with legal and moral obligations Insurance rates Consistent measurable budget requirement Plant Reliability Higher stresses cause more frequent and severe failures Overloaded members cause leakage and machinery failure which reduces equipment efficiency Machinery alignment problems from over-loaded members and deteriorating foundations Maintainability More cost efficient to address minor issues than major failures More predictable efforts in maintaining than in repair/replacement General Safety … Continue reading Reasons to Implement and Maintain an Assessment Program