How We Help Our Clients

Brindley Engineering Corporation (BEC) strives for excellence in bringing our numerous clients the best possible service. BEC helps our clients to decide what to rebuild, how to build it cost effectively and fast, and how to enhance existing infrastructure.  BEC has built a solid reputation for consistently and safely delivering contracts on time, on budget and to exacting standards. We fully understand that our success depends upon the quality of our work and pride ourselves in providing optimum levels of service and first class contract delivery to our clients. BEC works with clients of all sizes over a wide range of contracts, from modest values to multi-million dollar projects.

Examples of our client solutions include the following (please visit for a complete list of Project Spotlights).

  • Assisting a major refinery in the Midwest in analyzing the performance of a mega project and developing a program to rescue the stalled project.
  • Structural Reliability program of a major refinery in the Midwest.
    • Civil / Structural inspections and assessments
    • Fireproofing surveys
    • Repair plans
  • Lifting and Rigging Engineering for a major refinery in the Midwest.
    • Develop lifting and rigging plans, lift point design
    • Lifting and rigging planning, equipment recommendation / evaluation, review of lift plans by others.
  • Structural engineering services at a chemical plant in the south.
    • Structural model of existing structure
    • Repair identified defective structural members
    • Provide engineering support during construction
  • Root cause failure analysis of the winterization process of a major refinery in the Midwest.
  • Provide Turnaround/Maintenance technical Services to a major refinery in the Midwest.

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