Reasons to Implement and Maintain an Assessment Program

  • Business Justification:
    • Compliance with legal and moral obligations
    • Insurance rates
    • Consistent measurable budget requirement
  • Plant Reliability
    • Higher stresses cause more frequent and severe failures
    • Overloaded members cause leakage and machinery failure which reduces equipment efficiency
    • Machinery alignment problems from over-loaded members and deteriorating foundations
  • Maintainability
    • More cost efficient to address minor issues than major failures
    • More predictable efforts in maintaining than in repair/replacement
  • General Safety
    • Falling debris from spalling fireproofing and deteriorating members
    • Leaking chemicals
    • Potential collapse, outside of a fire event, from corrosion or deterioration of underlying members
    • Premature collapse during a fire event due to decreased fire rating

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